Day 47 (PF)


  1. Send me an email telling me about what you learned & can use in your life from Andrea Feller on Friday.


  1. Login daily
  2. Pay bills on-time
  3. Adjust 401(k) contribution % and bank account type, as needed
  4. Read simulation communications via email, Dashboard Alert, and push notifications
  5. Maintain their CFS reconciled
  6. Take quizzes and surveys
  7. Review pay stubs and W-2
  8. Use the Student Quick Tips to help navigate the simulation and perform common tasks
  9. Use the Knowledge Base to answer questions about the game, scoring, website navigation, etc.



You are going to graduate from college in 1 month in the major of your choice. Good news! You just landed the job you have been hoping for all through college! Now you need to make the following decisions:

  1. Where should I live? What job will I have? How much will I make? (10 points)
  2. What kind of apartment can I afford? (10 points)
  3. What kind of vehicle can I afford? Use the sites: (10 points)
    1. tracecar
    2. carfax
    3. edmonds
  4. What items do I need for my apartment and how much can I afford to spend on those items? (10 points)


  1. Print 3-5 copies of your resume on resume paper to take to the Jackson County Job & Career Fair on Wednesday.
  2. Make a business card with your personal info
    1. Get into Publisher
    2. At the top of the first Publisher screen click BUSINESS
    3. Click BUSINESS CARDS on the far left
    4. Click CREATE
    5. Click PAGE DESIGN and choose a color scheme of your choice
    6. Click the LOGO and delete it–replace it with a logo of your choice or put a shape in as a design
      1. Click the INSERT tab
      2. Click Picture to insert a picture from your files OR click Online Pictures to select a piece of clipart OR click a shape and draw it & fill it/format it
    7. Replace all the info for the first card with all your info. See my example below.
    8. Copy and paste the info from your first card to the other 9 cards on the front.
    9. Click on page 2
    10. Replace all the info with your own info. See me example below.
    11. Copy & paste all the info from the first card on page 2 to the other 9 cards on page 2
    12. Print to the Laserjet M553 printer–print on both sides–flip on the long edge
    13. Use my paper cutter to cut your cards–see me examples sitting on the table in the classroom
    14. MY EXAMPLE: Business Card

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