IMPORTANT: At the end of every class, please email me describing how far you got today and what you learned. This will be graded periodically. Use 3-5 sentences.

MODULE 6–Renting Vs. Owning

At the completion of this module you will be able to answer the following questions:

  1. What is a mortgage?
  2. What causes a mortgage foreclosure?
  3. What are the advantages of renting vs. owning a home? What are the advantages of owning vs. renting a home?
  4. Is buying a house always a solid investment?

Module 6 Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the differences between renting, leasing, and owning.
  2. Define & provide an example of appreciating and depreciating assests.
  3. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of renting/owning a home.
  4. Apply renting/owning considerations to specific housing scenarios.
  5. Define important housing terminology (mortgage, down payment)
  6. Identify components of a standard housing lease agreement
  7. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of leasing/owning a car.
  8. Apply renting/owning considerations to specific transportation scenarios.
  9. Examine the explicit and implicit costs of buying a car.


  1. Open the PERSONAL FINANCE Google Doc and answer the following questions (you will re-visit them at the conclusion of this unit):
    1. Would it be better to RENT or BUY the following items:
      1. Housing
      2. Car
      3. Washer & Dryer
      4. Home Theater
      5. Computer
      6. Television
      7. DVD
      8. Furniture
  2. Get into Everfi and begin Module 6.
  3. Get the Renting Vs. Owning handout from your teacher & complete it.
  4. TEST: Review the pre-questions at the beginning of this unit. Re-answer each of the questions using red font AFTER your initial response (do not delete your initial answer) given the knowledge your gained during this lesson.


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