1. Iowa Counties
    2. IA Tax Tables
    3. Maybe:  W-4 Form
  2. Do this with a partner–Get the 1040 form from your teacher–YOU AND YOUR PARTNER need to fill out YOUR OWN 1040 for Practice Exercise 1:
    1. Practice Exercise 1 Information: Student Iowa Income Tax Practice Packet - 2016 Practice Exercise 1 Info Only
  3. Do this on your own–Get the 1040 form from your teacher
    1. Practice Exercise 2 Information: Student Iowa Income Tax Practice Packet - 2016 Practice Exercise 2 Info Only
  4. Do this on your own: Student Iowa Income Tax Practice Packet - 2016 Quiz 1
  5. Begin Everfi Module 8:

IMPORTANT: At the end of every class, please email me describing how far you got today and what you learned. This will be graded periodically. Use 3-5 sentences.

MODULE 8–Consumer Protection

At the completion of this module you will be able to answer the following questions:

  1. What is identity theft, and what can people do to protect themselves from it?
  2. Why should people check their credit report once a year?
  3. What are some examples of consumer fraud?

Module 8 Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify strategies that can be used to steal your identity or commit consumer fraud.
  2. Identify ways your personal information can be used by identity thieves.
  3. Recommend ways to protect personal information
  4. Describe ways to identify whether identity theft or consumer fraud has occurred
  5. Explain the purpose of consumer protection laws and organizations.
  6. Categorize personal information or documents as sensitive or not sensitive.
  7. Assess when personal information should be provided
  8. List and prioritize the steps to resolve suspect consumer fraud/identity theft.


  1. Open the PERSONAL FINANCE Google Doc and answer the following questions (you will re-visit them at the conclusion of this unit):
    1. When you’re spending money, when do you think you would be at risk for identity theft or consumer fraud?
    2. What is the role of consumer protection laws and agencies in creating a safe marketplace for financial transactions?
    3. What are some laws or practices that you would want a bank, credit card company, or government to enact in order to protect your day-to-day financial transactions?
  2. Get into Everfi and begin Module 8.


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