IMPORTANT: At the end of every class, please email me describing how far you got today and what you learned. This will be graded periodically. Use 3-5 sentences.

MODULE 9–Investing

At the completion of this module you will be able to answer the following questions:

  1. Why do people take financial risks?
  2. What is a stock, and why might stocks be a good investment?
  3. What is a mutual fund and how is it different than a stock?
  4. How are bonds different than stock? How does their risk profile differ?
  5. How can you lower your risks when it comes to investing?

Module 9 Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand that re-investment and time can increase compounding returns.
  2. Compare and contrast different retirement plan options (401k, 403b, IRAs)
  3. Describe how starting to save early can impact retirement savings.
  4. Describe the difference between key investing options (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, index funds)
  5. Explain why companies/governments typically issue stocks and bonds.
  6. Examine the trade-off between risk and return with investments.
  7. Order investing options based on their financial risk and return.
  8. Explain how diversification can help mitigate risk.
  9. Apply knowledge of financial risk to construct a diversified portfolio.


  1. Open the PERSONAL FINANCE Google Doc and answer the following questions (you will re-visit them at the conclusion of this unit):
    1. How and why to you think people choose to invest?
  2. Get the How to Invest? handout and complete it.
  3. Get into Everfi and begin Module 9.
  4. Get the Investment Portfolio Guidelines handout from your teacher. THIS IS YOUR TEST FOR THIS UNIT!!! Here are some resources you may need to use:
    1. Portfolio and Investment Guide-BYU Marriott School of Management
    2. Diversification and Risk–The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


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