GOAL: Before you leave today you will know how to create a 3 panel brochure.

  1. As a team finish creating a 3 panel brochure for Bellevue FBLA Or create a brochure on a topic of your choice. Here is an example.
    1. Your brochure should answer the following questions:
      1. What is FBLA (your topic)?
      2. What does Bellevue FBLA (your topic) do?
      3. How can I join Bellevue FBLA (your topic)?
      4. What do I have to do to be able to compete at the state leadership conference in order to earn an opportunity to compete at the national leadership conference?
    2. Be sure the brochure contains the following information (your groups information):
      1. Tracy Weber, Adviser
      4. Twitter: @bellevuefbla
      5. Instagram: @bellevuefbla
      6. Facebook: @bellevuecometsbusinessleaders
    3. You can use pictures from this webpage or from Google
    4. You can find information on the following webpages:
      1. Bellevue FBLA
      2. Iowa FBLA
      3. National FBLA
    5. Save the file to your  6th Grade Computer Applications folder on your Google Drive
  2. After you show me your file, print it:
    1. File tab
    2. Print
    3. Choose the HP Color LaserJet M553 printer–Print on both sides–flip on the short edge
    4. Click Print
  3. Create, save, and print 3 different posters
  4. Open your 6th Grade Computer Applications doc in your Google Drive ONLINE. At the TOP of the Doc type about what you accomplished today. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.