GOAL: Before you leave today you will demonstrate how to work in Publisher.

  1. typing.com–log in to your account
  2. THIS IS A TEST!!!! Create a new file in Publisher similar to this example. When you are done, raise your hand to show me. Be sure to show me you did the following:
    1. Insert Online Picture
    2. Crop
    3. Group 2 or more objects
    4. Insert Wordart
    5. Insert a Textbox
    6. Center align text & objects
    7. Save the file to your  6th Grade Computer Applications folder on your Google Drive
  3. Here is the information you need. You can copy and paste it into your Publisher file:
    1. TIER I
      1. What have individual teachers done to assist this student within their classroom setting?
        1. Regular Daily Instruction in the classroom
        2. Seat change, activity modification/differentiation, Technology, co-teaching/para support
        3. Re-teach
        4. Re-assess
        5. Meet before or after school
        6. Collaborated with SPED or At Risk teacher if possible
      2. Drafting to Comet Time
      3. Comet Time teachers will be contacted regarding any students who appear on the weekly grade report with two or more failing grades
      4. Seniors who have failing grades will be assigned to a Comet Time until they are not on the grade report
    2. TIER II
      1. Consulting with other teachers for support
      2. Pairing with peer in the same section
      3. Student tutor—NHS volunteers
      4. Check out PBISworld.com
      5. Student specific interventions (e.g., copies of notes, scheduled individual re-teaching, modified expectations such as time frame, tests in an alternate setting, etc.)
      6. 7 minute meeting
      7. Phone call home
    3. TIER III
      1. Students will move to Tier III if requested by teacher or if they appear on the weekly grade report two weeks in a row.
        1. One F—teacher will be contacted directly by team to assess Tier I/II interventions
        2. Two or more Fs—A student specific conversation will take place between the student and one of the teachers from whom she/he is receiving a failing grade
        3. Three or more Fs—If a student has three or more Fs for two successive weeks, a case manager will be assigned. The case manager will be assigned based on that student’s needs, current relationships, and schedule. Case managers may be one of the teachers for whom the student is currently failing. However, other staff may also be assigned as case managers. Specifically:
          1. Special education students will have their special education teacher as a case manager, if needed.
          2. Students assigned to Mr. Casel’s Academic Study will have him as their case manager
      2. Case Managers will continue to work with a student toward building interventions and success until the student is no longer on the weekly grade report. Specifically, the case manager may:
        1. Arrange for weekly or more frequent individual meetings to assist in monitoring progress.
        2. Contact parents and work with parents.
        3. Arrange parent meeting.
        4. Have student reassigned to their Comet Time until off the grade report.
        5. Contact and work directly with other teachers to assist with support and interventions
        6. Contact AEA support people for suggestions.
    4. TIER IV
      1. If difficulties persist, consideration will be given to seeking formal support through the AEA with the possibility of assessment and IEP development
  4. After you show me your file, print it:
    1. File tab
    2. Print
    3. Choose the HP Color LaserJet M553 printer
    4. Click Print
  5. Open your 6th Grade Computer Applications doc in your Google Drive ONLINE. At the TOP of the Doc type about what you accomplished today. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.