GOAL: Before you leave today you will demonstrate how to work in Publisher.

  1. typing.com–log in to your account
  2. TEST: You are a graphic designer. You and your team of 3 to 4 have been hired to create a new fall athletics program for Bellevue Middle/High School.
    1. Here is what needs to be included in the new program:
      1. Volleyball team pictures and rosters–7th grade team, 8th grade team, fresh/soph team, JV team, varsity team
      2. Football team pictures and rosters–7th grade team, 8th grade team, JV team, varsity team
      3. Cross Country team pictures and rosters–7th grade team, 8th grade team,  JV team, varsity team
      4. Cheerleaders
      5. The words to our school song
      6. The names of our school board members
      7. Then names of our school administrators
      8. All coaches, managers, etc. for each team
      9. 2 pages of business advertisements
      10. Anything else you feel should be included but it is not listed above
    2. You may want to utilize the following resources:
      1. www.bellevue.k12.ia.us–find the activities/calendar which should lead to the rosters for each team
      2. Share a doc with the coaches or Mr. Wright to request a team photo or put a note in their mailbox in the office–let me see it before you share it or put it in their mailbox
      3. Google team photos & use random team pictures as placeholders for the real picture you may get later
      4. Past program–notice the ads & the information included
    3. Here is how you should set it up in Publisher:
      1. Start Publisher
      2. Choose BLANK
      3. Click Page Design tab
      4. Click Size
      5. Choose Create New Page Size
      6. Fill in all the boxes with the following information, then click OK:
      7. Go to the Insert tab
      8. Click Page Number on the far right
      9. Choose Bottom Center
      10. Click Page Number again
      11. Uncheck Show Page Number on First Page
    4. Here is a suggestion on how to work together as a team:
      1. 1 person–go to Office 365 login–go to OneDrive online–create a folder named for this project–share the folder with everyone in your group
      2. 1 person create the Publisher file–save it to the shared OneDrive folder for this project
      3. Everyone save all pictures to the shared OneDrive Folder for this project
      4. Think of job titles for each person in your group–everyone should be responsible for something that needs to get accomplished every day.
      5. Have a brief team meeting every class to set goals for each person for every class.
    5. RIGHT NOW:
      1. Get the tabloid size paper and sketch your program as a team–you may use colored pencils, markers, crayons, etc. in the blue basket under the big black printer
    6. Here is how you will print your final project:
      1. File
      2. Print
      3. Printer: HP Designjet T120
        1. Click Printer Properties under HP Designjet T120
        2. Paper/Quality tab:
          1. Document Size: Tabloid
        3. Layout/Output tab:
          1. Orientation: Landscape
          2. Rotation: Short Edge First
      4. Under Setting:
        1. All Pages
        2. Booklet, Side Fold
        3. Tabloid
        4. Manual 2 Sided Flip on the Short Edge
  3. Open your 6th Grade Computer Applications in Word ONLINE. At the TOP of the Doc type about what you accomplished today. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.