Day 15 (6)

THIS IS A TEST!!!! You are a graphic designer. You have been asked to create an infographic for the Bellevue Community School District.

  1. What is an infographic? Use the internet to find out. You will have 5 minutes. Be prepared to share with the class.


  1. Create a new file in Publisher
    1. Get into Publisher
    3. Choose TABLOID PORTRAIT (11 X 17)
  2. Here are some examples of what you’s might resemble: example 1, example 2, example 3. When you are done, raise your hand to show me. Be sure to show me you did the following:
    1. Insert Online Picture
    2. Crop
    3. Group 2 or more objects
    4. Insert Wordart
    5. Insert a Textbox
    6. Center align text & objects
    7. Save the file to your  6th Grade Computer Applications folder on your OneDrive
  3. Here is the information you need. You can copy and paste it into your Publisher file:
    1. Career Ready
    2. Life Ready
    3. Problem Solvers
    4. Critical Thinkers
    5. Lifelong Learners
    6. Flexible
    7. Self-Motivated
    8. Collaborators
    9. Communicators
    10. Listeners
    11. Engaged
    12. Team Members
    13. Growth Mindset
    14. Responsible
    15. Accountable
    16. Creators
    17. Community and Globally Aware
    18. Passionate
  4. After you show me your file, print it:
    1. File tab
    2. Print
    3. Choose the HP Designjet T120 printer
    4. Click Print