GOAL: Before you leave today you will have the opportunity to apply what you have learned about PowerPoint.

  1. typing.com
  2. FINISH the assignment in the PowerPoint Instructions Handout–PAGE 4
    1. When you are done, print as instructed.
    2. Save to your Google Drive on your machine
    3. Go to your Google Drive on Chrome & share it with Mrs. Weber
  3. If you finish early, you can work on Typing Club or experiment more with PowerPoint! Try:
    1. Inserting a video
    2. Inserting a song
    3. Inserting everything in the insert tab
    4. Changing the bullet
    5. Try right clicking on everything and doing everything in the right click menu
  4. On a piece of paper, grade each other’s PowerPoints by assigning points to each category in the rubric on page 4 of the handout. Turn in the piece of paper.
  5. typing.com