GOAL: Before you leave today you will have the opportunity to create a report using MLA formatting.

  1. Watch and do this video first–DO THE VIDEO!! Get the video on 1/2 of your screen and get a NEW Word file on the other 1/2 of your screen–The title is CLASSES, but the video types about RESPECT (I messed up……) just do what the video is doing…… 🙂 The goal is to know how to FORMAT an MLA report file.
  2. Save the Word file as MLA PRACTICE to your Google Drive, RAISE YOUR HAND TO SHOW MRS. WEBER, and then close the file.
    1. Create your MLA Style Reports Notes file:
      1. Create a NEW file in Word
      2. Copy and paste everything below this sentence (everything in bold & italics below) to the new Word file and save it as REPORT NOTES to your Google Drive–SHOW ME when you have it saved:
  1. BEFORE you begin typing a report do the following IN THIS ORDER:
    1. Set all margin (top, bottom, left, right) to 1 inch
      1. Page Layout tab
      2. Margins Button
      3. Custom Margins
      4. Change top, bottom, left, right margin to 1 inch
    2. Remove spacing after paragraphs
      1. Home tab
      2. Paragraph section
      3. Line and Paragraph Spacing button–click the down arrow
      4. Click on REMOVE SPACING AFTER PARAGRAPHS (it is last in the list)
    3. Set line spacing to double
      1. Home tab
      2. Paragraph section
      3. Line and Paragraph Spacing button–click 2.0
    4. Change the font to Times New Roman, size 12
      1. Home tab
      2. Font: Times New Roman
      3. Size: 12
  2. Now, begin typing the report! Do the following, IN ORDER:
    1. Type your first and last name
    2. Type your teacher’s name (Mrs. Weber)
    3. Type the name of your class (Computer Applications)
    4. Type the date (1 September 2015)
    5. Center the title and type it using Initial Caps (only capitalize the first letter of each word in the title)
    6. After typing the title, hit ENTER and change the alignment back to left
    7. Hit Tab 1 time
    8. Begin typing the first paragraph of the report. 


  1. Get the REPORTS NOTES file on 1/2 of your screen and a NEW Word file on the other 1/2 of your screen and do the following:
    1. Create a new reports. The report needs to be 3 paragraphs long with at least 3-5 sentences in each paragraph. Here are some ideas you may use or you can use your own. Use good writing skills. Save the file to your Google Drive.
      1. What are your classes right now?
      2. What are you doing in your classes?
      3. What do you hope to do in your classes?
  2. typing.com
  3. With 10 minutes left, rotate around the room to critique your classmates’ reports. Then fix your report, if necessary.