Day 25 (6)

Do you have a personal email address? Like tracyweber34@gmail. com? Let me know if you do or if you don’t right now!!

  2. Work on the assignment in the PowerPoint Instructions Handout–PAGE 4–YOU WILL HAVE TODAY AND NEXT CLASS TO FINISH THIS
    1. When you are done, print as instructed.
    2. Save to your Google Drive on your machine
    3. Go to your Google Drive on Chrome & share it with Mrs. Weber
  3. If you finish early, you can work on Typing Club or experiment more with PowerPoint! Try:
    1. Inserting a video
    2. Inserting a song
    3. Inserting everything in the insert tab
    4. Changing the bullet
    5. Try right clicking on everything and doing everything in the right click menu
  4. In a Google Doc shared with me, let me know how far you got today and what questions you have.