Lesson Objective

You will complete a series of levels using basic programming concepts such as sequencing, repetition, conditional logic and counting. Go on an epic quest for treasure with your own custom dragon. Defeat knights and solve mazes!

You will learn:
  • More complex sequencing
  • Counting with loops
  • Direction and path-finding
  • Using conditional logic
Lesson Notes
  • You will design your own dragon and use it to hunt for treasure.
  • You will need to keep track of direction and paths and program the dragon to follow the path
  • Unlike Candy Quest where each block moves the character just one step forward, here the blocks move the dragon till the end of the path, or an obstacle.
  • Some levels show a number on the bugs and the knights. You will need to keep count using loops to solve these levels.
  • Some levels have Flags. These flags can be programmed to signal the dragon to move right, fly up, etc.


  1. Go to Tynker.com
  2. Log in to your account
  3. Do LessonĀ 4–Dragon Dash
  4. Create a new project on your own
  5. Write about what you learned today in your Google Doc for this class.