Day 27 (6)

GOAL: To learn about why it is important to be alert and check sources while exploring online.

  2. Take the PRETEST–page 2–write your answers on a piece of paper–we will check it at the end of class. Put it off to the side for now. (2 min)
  3. What do you think makes a website trustworthy? Make a list on the board. (5 min)
  4. Plug in your earbuds and watch this video–either on my computer or your laptop–and complete page 3 on the same piece of paper you used for the pre-test: Detecting Lies and Staying True (10 min)
  5. Get into groups of 2-3. (20 min)
    1. Scenario: You have been given the task of writing a scientific report about: “Could there be life on other planets?”.
    2. As part of your research you should compare at least 3 websites–remember the rule of 3.
    3. Use the Source Comparison Tool & the Top Level Domain Extensions to evaluate the relative quality of 3 sources–GET THE HANDOUT FROM YOUR TEACHER
    4. Evaluate these 3 sites (fill these 3 sites in at the top of the SOURCE COMPARISON TOOL you just got from your teacher):
      1. WEB SOURCE 1:
      2. WEB SOURCE 2:
      3. WEB SOURCE 3:
  6. Take out your pretest. Review your answers and decide if any of them should be changed.
  7. Turn in ALL papers with your name on them before you leave class.