Day 28 (6)

GOAL: To learn about why it is important to be alert and check sources while exploring online.

  2. Take the PRETEST–we will check it at the end of class. Put it off to the side for now. (2 min)
  3. 2 Truths 1 Lie Game (3 min)
  4. What makes a website trustworthy? Make a list on the board. (5 min)
  5. Watch this video and complete the handout from your teacher: Detecting Lies and Staying True (10 min)
  6. What are some more specific criteria that can help us evaluate a website? (10 min)
  7. Get into groups of 2-3. (20 min)
    1. Scenario: You have been given the task of writing a scientific report about: “Could there be life on other planets?”.
    2. As part of your research you should compare at least 3 websites–remember the rule of 3.
    3. Use the Source Comparison Tool & the Top Level Domain Extensions to evaluate the relative quality of 3 sources. Get them from your teacher.
    4. Evaluate these 3 sites:
  8. Take out your pretest. Review your answers and decide if any of them should be changed. Discuss your answers with your group. We will check it together.