Day 28 (6)

Goal: To learn about your digital footprint and what it conveys to others.

  2. How many of you have … • sent a message or posted a comment online? • created a profile on a social network site? • used some sort of photo-sharing app? • Googled your own name? Were there any results about you?
  3. In the video, carefully observe the imagery and think about what the images might convey about privacy. For example, the Trash Bin icon on their computer that serves as a “garbage can” for your files. The Digital Footprint
  4. Open the Choose A Host Student Handout
    1. Read the directions
    2. Read through both profiles
    3. Get the last page from your teacher
    4. Fill it out
    5. Get with a small group & discuss who you think you should hire & why
    6. Present to the class your decision.
  5. Open your 6th Grade Computer Apps Word Online file and at the TOP of the page–ABOVE WHAT YOU TYPED LAST TIME–use good writing skills and in 3-5 sentences to respond to the following questions:
    1. Who helped shape Linda’s and Jason’s digital footprint?
    2. Can you tell what a person is really like offline based on what you find online?
    3. What are some other types of information that make up YOUR “digital footprint”?
    4. What would you like to appear in YOUR digital footprint 10 years from now?
  6. EXTRA CREDIT: At home, look through the profiles of Linda and Jason together with your family members. As a family, choose a candidate to host “Trillion Dollar Footprint”. Be sure to explain the point of the lesson is to think about how information that is online about someone can impact how others view that person, but that it can be very problematic to make assumptions about others based solely on their digital footprint.