7th Grade Technology Applications


How Can I Use Technology To Help Me Help Myself And Others Accomplish A Task Or Solve A Problem?

In this class students will learn how to use Microsoft Office to format Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and Publisher projects while developing and managing a sports franchise. Students will also learn about developing web sites using free online web site development sites. Students will also have the opportunity to improve their keyboarding skills.

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9 thoughts on “7th Grade Technology Applications

  1. i am in 7th grade tech apps and this class has helped me alot so far becuse i love tech things so this class is the best and it has the best techer too 🙂

  2. This semester I was in 7th Grade Technology apps. I learned a lot in this class. I learned how to create a website, create a brochure, and make a flyer for someones event. I really enjoyed this class and I think it will help me in my life as I get older.

  3. I learned a lot in this semester. I learned how to make a flyer on publisher and how to create a weebly website. I had a lot of fun in this class because we could talk but as long as we got our work done.

  4. Anyone who is taking this class. Its fun. I really enjoyed it. You get to make things that may be hung up around the class. Or even put on the Bellevue comets home page. You really get recognized for hard work. In this class you with learn how to use publisher and how to make your very own website if you are good with computers this is the class for you.

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