Blessings video


Before you leave today you will know how to use Google Draw to create a jpeg. You will also have the opportunity to apply the employability skills of following written & verbal instruction. Be sure to read everything below BEFORE doing it!! Also, be sure to read all of #1 and THEN do it before moving one!! Today’s lesson isn’t hard IF you follow all the instructions below!!

  1. THE DREAM TEAM PRE-GAME–PG 2 Team Logo–Read the GOAL on the first page & look at Joe’s examples on the second page. What you print will look similar to Joe’s example except it will be your own logos.
  2. WATCH THIS VIDEO TO LEARN HOW TO MAKE A LOGO USING GOOGLE DRAWINGS–Here are some things that will be useful to you when watching this video:
    1. Here is how you get to Google Draw:
      1. Go to your Google Drive using Chrome.
      2. Click the NEW button
      3. Click MORE
      4. Click Google Drawings
    2. MAXIMIZE the video on your CHROMEBOOK and actually do what I am doing in the video using the computer you are sitting at in my classroom.
    3. When making your logos in Google Draw use the ENTIRE CANVAS to avoid lots of empty white space in your clipart–the canvas is the area with the gray and white boxes–I don’t do a good job of this in the video.
    4. At about the 5:44 mark–you will download to your ONEDRIVE, not Google Drive. If the SAVE AS dialog box doesn’t pop up when you download, but you see that the JPEG did download to your computer in the lower left corner of the browser window, do the following:
      1. Click the downloaded image link button in the lower left corner of the browser button.
      2. If a dialog box pops up: Click PHOTOS & click OK
      3. When the picture appears, in the upper right corner of the dialog box is a button with 3 dots, click the 3 dots and choose SAVE AS
      4. Now, pick your ONEDRIVE & choose your 7th Grade folder for this class.
    5. THIS IS IMPORTANT: You will be making THREE DIFFERENT LOGOS!!! Here is what you should do when you are done making your first logo:
      1. DOWNLOAD it as a JPEG file to your ONEDRIVE on the computer you are sitting at in my classroom.
      2. Go back to Google Draw, choose CREATE NEW, and make your second logo, then download it like you did for the first one. Repeat this to make your third logo.
    6. Once you are done creating & downloading your 3 logos, you will insert all 3 logos into a Word file and then you will print the Word file. I show you how to do this about the 6:30 mark in the video. Pick one of the following printers:
      1. HP Color Laserjet M553
      2. HP Officejet Pro 8600
    7. After printing, put your printout on the table. Your classmates will vote by putting a check mark beside the logo they like best.
    8. You should vote on your classmates logos as they print & put their printouts on the table.
  3. Go to your Word Online file for this class. Write 3 to 5 sentences about how you can use what you learned today outside of this classroom.
  4. SHARE the file with me AGAIN–just click SHARE