FINISH: Before you leave today you will know how to create a table using Microsoft Word. At this point in the game, it is expected that you begin to try to figure problems out on your own by following the instructions provided–both written below and in the video. If you cannot figure something out after trying at least 2 or 3 ways or by re-watching the video or by re-reading the instructions, then you should ask a classmate for help. If neither of you can figure it out, then ask Mrs. Weber. When you are on the job, employers/managers LOVE it when employees are able to think for themselves and solve problems on their own; however, they still want the job to be done right, so ask for help! 🙂

  1. Typing Web: Please keep your eyes on your screen while you practice!!
  2. Read this and look at Joe’s example: THE DREAM TEAM PRE-GAME–PG 3 Team Roster–WATCH THIS VIDEO FOR FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS–you DO NOT need to fill out the planning form–you can just type in your roster as you find them–you don’t have to write it out first like Joe did. Ask Mrs. Weber for the planning form–YOU don’t have to print it.
  3. Once you are finished watching the video, follow these steps IN ORDER to create the table:
    1. Click the Windows button in the lower left corner of your screen
    2. Type Word & click Word 2016
    3. Click Blank Document
    4. Click FILE
    5. Click SAVE AS & save to your folder for this class in your ONEDRIVE
    6. Click the INSERT tab
    7. Click Table–choose 6 columns & 5 rows
    8. Type the words: FIRST NAME
    9. Hit TAB
    10. Type the words: LAST NAME
    11. Hit TAB
    12. Type the word: POSITION
    13. Hit TAB
    14. Type the word: HEIGHT
    15. Hit TAB
    16. Type the word: WEIGHT
    17. Hit TAB
    18. Type the words: UNIFORM #
    19. Hit TAB (this should take you to the next row where you will type the information for your coach like Joe did–use his example)
    20. SAVE: CTRL-S or click the disk in the quick access toolbar or click File & then click Save
    21. When you have entered all of your players see if you can figure out the following:
      1. Insert your team log
        1. Once it is inserted, right click the picture and choose TIGHT for WRAPPING
      2. Insert WordArt–type your team name
      3. Format the table–TABLE TOOLS–DESIGN
    22. Type your name in the last row of the table
    23. SAVE: CTRL-S or click the disk in the quick access toolbar or click File & then click Save
    24. Print
  4. Go to your Word Online file for this class. Write 3 to 5 sentences about how you can use what you learned today outside of this classroom.
  5. SHARE the File with me AGAIN–just click SHARE