Day 18 (7)

Before you leave today you will know how to create an Excel spreadsheet.

  1. Typing Web: Please keep your eyes on your screen while you practice!!
    1. E 1–Team Roster
    2. Use your PG-#3 Planning Form that you already created
    3. Follow these written instructions:
      1. Get into Excel
        1. Click the Windows button in the lower left corner of your screen
        2. Begin to type Excel
        3. Click Excel when it pops up
      2. Click BLANK WORKBOOK
      3. Save the workbook as E-1 Team Roster to your Dream Team folder located in your 7th Grade Tech Apps folder in your Google Drive
        1. Click the FILE tab
        2. Click SAVE AS
        3. Click BROWSE
        4. Click GOOGLE DRIVE on the left side of the dialog box
        5. Navigate to your Dream Team folder
        6. Type in the filename E-1 Team Roster
        7. Click SAVE
      4. Insert a header with the text: The <Year><Team Name> Roster
        1. Click the INSERT tab
        2. Click HEADER & FOOTER
        3. In the CENTER BOX in the HEADER type The <current year> <your team name> Roster–LOOK AT JOE’S EXAMPLE TO HELP YOU UNDERSTAND HOW THIS SHOULD LOOK
        4. In cells A1 to F1 enter the following column headings:
          1. Click in cell A1 & type First Name
          2. Hit TAB 1 time & type Last Name
          3. Hit TAB 1 time & type Position
          4. Hit TAB 1 time & type Height
          5. Hit TAB 1 time & type Weight
          6. Hit TAB 1 time & type Uniform #
        5. Bold and center align cells A1 – F1
          1. Point and click in the MIDDLE  cell A1 and click and drag to cell F1 and let go to select all of cells A1 to F1
          2. On the Home tab click Bold and click the Center align button
        6. Enter the information for each of your players. use your PG-3 Planning Form to help you or just make it up as you go. When you are entering the height use the format 6’0″ – LOOK AT JOE’S EXAMPLE TO HELP YOU UNDERSTAND HOW THIS SHOULD LOOK
        7. Rename the worksheet tab to Team Roster
          1. at the bottom of your screen DOUBLE CLICK sheet1 and type the new name which is Team Roster
        8. Resize the columns so that all the data displays properly
          1. Point at the line between columns A & B and when the pointer changes to a black double headed arrow, double click–do this for all the columns that contain information in this spreadsheet
        9. Sort the roster by last name and then by first name in ascending order
          1. Click the DATA TAB
          2. Click the SORT button
          3. For SORT BY click Column B to sort on Last Name first, click VALUES under SORT ON, and click A to Z for ascending order under ORDER
          4. Click ADD LEVEL
          5. Next to THEN BY choose Column A to sort on First Name just in case more than 1 player has the same last name
        10. View the roster to be sure it sorted correctly
        11. Print your roster & hand it in
  3. Open the 7th Grade Tech Apps Google Doc.
  4. At the TOP of the Doc write about how you can use what you learned today outside of this classroom.
  5. SHARE the Doc with me AGAIN–just click SHARE