Day 22 (7)


Before you leave today you will know how to enter a formula to calculate the total, how to calculate projected revenue, and how to change the number of decimal places when using currency format.

  1. Typing Web: Please keep your eyes on your screen while you practice!!
    1. When you are done planning the schedule, follow these written instructions and watch this video to make an example spreadsheet. You will make your own for your dream team after the work you do for the video:
      1. Create a new blank workbook using Excel
      2. Save the workbook to your 7th Grade Tech Apps The Dream Team folder as E-4 Projected Revenue 
      3. In cell A1, enter the title: Bellevue Buckeyes Stadium Projected Ticket Sales Revenue
      4. In cell A2 enter the following subtitle: Based on a stadium seating capacity of 65,000
      5. In cells A3 to E3 enter the following column headings: Section, Price, # of Seats, # of Home Games, Total Sales
      6. Bold and center align cells A3 to E3
      7. Enter your section names, price per ticket for each section, number of seats in each section, and the number of home games
      8. Enter a formula in cell E4 to compute the Total Sales for the first section. This is computed by multiplying the Price by the # of seats by the number of home game. All formulas in Excel must start with an equal sign (=) and the multiplication symbol is the astrick (*). So click on cell E4 and type the following: =b4*c4*d4 and hit enter. You just calculated the Total Sales for the first section in your stadium.
      9. Copy the formula in cell E4 to cells E5 through E8:
        1. Click on cell E4 one time
        2. Point at the NOTCH in the lower right corner of the cell & when it turns into a BLACK PLUS SIGN click and drag to cell E8. You just coped the formula to the other cells to calculate the Total Sales for the other sections of your stadium!
      10. In cell D9 enter the following text: Total Projected Sales–you will most likely need to make column D wider by pointing at the small line between columns D & E and clicking & dragging
      11. Enter a formula in cell E9 to compute the Total Projected Sales for all of the sections in the Total Sales column:
        1. Click 1 time in cell E9
        2. Click the HOME tab
        3. Click on the arrow on the right side of the AUTOSUM button
        4. Click SUM
        5. Hit enter
      12. Format column E as currency showing the “$” symbol and 0 decimals
      13. Merge & center align the title in A1 across all 5 columns
      14. Merge & center align the subtitle in A2 across all 5 columns
      15. Format the title, subtitle, and the column headings with an appropriate font size and style
      16. Center align cells D4 to D9
      17. Format the worksheet using your team’s colors
      18. Rename the worksheet tab: Tix Sales
        1. At the bottom of your spreadsheet DOUBLE CLICK on SHEET1
        2. Type Tix Sales
      19. Put your logo in the spreadsheet
      20. Proofread
      21. Save
  3. Create your own Projected Ticket Sales spreadsheet–create a new Excel spreadsheet to start and use Joe’s and mine (in the video) as examples. Raise your hand to show your teacher when you are done.
  4. At the TOP of the Word Online file for this class write about how you can use what you learned today outside of this classroom. SHARE the Word Online file with me AGAIN.

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