Create the following documents using Microsoft Word for your Dream Team:

  1. Create a 3 column table that includes your team’s schedule. Be sure to include the following:
    1. the team logo should be on the schedule somewhere
    2. include a title at the top “TEAM SCHEUDLE”
    3. column 1 should be the date of the game/competition
    4. column 2 should be the name of the team you are competing against
    5. column 3 should indicate whether the game is home or away
    6. include at least 5 dates
    7. format the table to make it look appealing–here are some suggestions:
      1. use shading & color
      2. change the font & font size
      3. use cell merge & cell split
  2. Create a letter & envelope to send to your fans inviting them to your games. You will include the schedule in the envelope with the letter. Use ¬†Joe Gendron’s letter in W 3 to help you set up the letter. This letter only needs to be 1 paragraph with 3-5 sentences. You will need to use your team letterhead to create the file an you will need to use your team logo & address on the envelope. The mailing address on the envelope can be the name and address of a friend or you can make it up. Be sure to format it correctly.
  3. Print the schedule, letter, & envelope when you are done.


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