Day 24 (7)

Before you leave today you will know how to sort a spreadsheet and insert a pie chart.

  1. Typing Web: Please keep your eyes on your screen while you practice!!
    1. E 5–Top 5 Salaries
    2. Follow these written instructions:
      1. Open this Average Salary file and use this video to complete the steps below:
        1. From the FILE menu choose SAVE AS and rename it E-5 TOP 5 SALARIES
        2. Change the HEADER of the spreadsheet to the following: TOP 5 PLAYER SALARIES
        3. Delete the entire row  that contains the AVERAGE SALARY
          1. with your cursor, POINT at the ROW NUMBER on the left side of your screen and RIGHT CLICK 1 time (my average salary row is 12)
          2. choose DELETE when you RIGHT CLICK on the ROW NUMBER that contains the average salary information
        4. Sort the spreadsheet by Salary from HIGHEST to LOWEST
          1. Click in cell G4
          2. Click the DATA tab
          3. Click SORT
          4. Sort by: CHOOSE SALARY from the drop down list
          5. Under ORDER choose LARGEST TO SMALLEST from the drop down list
          6. Click OK
        5. Delete all of the rows that do not contain the top five salaries
          1. Point at the first row number below the top 5 salaries (mine is row 7) and when you have a RIGHT POINTING BLACK ARROW, CLICK and DRAG to the last row in the spreadsheet
          2. RIGHT CLICK on the selected rows & choose DELETE
        6. Create a PIE CHART to show a comparison by last name of the top 5 paid players and their salaries
        7. Proofread
        8. Save
  3. Make your own top 5 players salaries for your own dream team using what you just learned in the video and the written instructions above. Open the E-2 Average Salary file you already created. Show your teacher when you are done.
  4. At the TOP of the Word Online file for this class write about how you can use what you learned today outside of this classroom. SHARE the Word Online file with me AGAIN.
  5. Make a new spreadsheet titled BOWLING SCORES. Have column A be the names of the bowlers, column B their score for Game 1, column C their score for Game 2, and column D their score for Game 3. Then in column E calculate the total score for each bowler for all 3 games. Include at least 5 different bowlers and calculate the average score per game in the last row.

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