Before you leave today you will know how to use the AVERAGE function, how to format dollar amounts, and distinguish between the different pointers in Excel and determine what each one does. You will also learn how to insert your logo in the header of an Excel spreadsheet.

  1. Check JMC & finish any missing work
  2. Typing Web: Please keep your eyes on your screen while you practice!!
  3. THE DREAM TEAM EXCEL UNIT–Read the goal for E2 & look at Joe’s example
    1. E 2–Average Salary–USE THIS VIDEO TO HELP YOU
    2. Insert your logo in the spreadsheet
    3. Go to your Office 365 account using Google Chrome & SHARE your E-2 file with
  4. Open the 7th Grade Tech Apps Word Online file. At the TOP of the file write about how you can use what you learned today outside of this classroom. SHARE the file with me AGAIN–just click SHARE

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