Today you will continue to work on your Dream Team Website.

  1. Watch this video about How to Publish a Weebly site.
    1. Send the link for the published site to me by copying the ink and pasting it in a Google Doc shared with me. Also, in the Google Doc, do you have your own PERSONAL email address? If you do, please type it in the Google Doc also.
  2. Continue to customize your web pages using what you learned in the video. Be sure to include the following (1 per page of your website):
    1. Use different page layouts
    2. Insert an animated clipart (EXTRA CREDIT)
    3. Insert a photo gallery
    4. Insert a slide show
    5. Insert a form
    6. Limit scrolling–use 2-3 columns if necessary on a page
    7. Insert a map
    8. Insert other Media & More options to make your site impressive.
    9. Load your projects from this class somewhere in your website:
      1. Team Logo
      2. Team Roster
      3. Letter to the League
      4. Press Release
      5. Equipment Inventory List
      6. Player Personnel Form
      7. Average Salary
      8. Season Schedule
      9. Projected Revenue from Ticket Sales
      10. Top 5 Salaries
      11. Business Card
      12. VIP Pass
      13. T-Shirt Design
      14. Magazine Advertisement
  3. Publish the site again to update it.

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