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  1. How to protect your personal password.
    social media, bullying, online etiquette, safety and communication skills.
    How to find age appropriate sites for research/ how to know it is one
    Reaching about the dangers of meeting people from online when you have no idea who they are.
    What information not to give out on the internet.
    What nudes are and why you should never send them
    To give credit and how copy+paste is bad (high school/college)
    Private account- why you should have it.

  2. 1. how to keep your computer and information safe
    2. how to stay safe on the internet
    3. How people hack you
    4. how dangerous the internet is
    5. what the qualities are to have a good project/presentation

  3. Yes I think that people should know about

    *Prank websites
    *Creepy people on the internet

  4. I think that the most important thing to realize is that 4th and 5th graders are 1-2 years before getting a email, Facebook , Snap chat and stuff if they don’t have that already. They don’t know about how people can hack and do stuff to your computer and how they can track you and they can find you. That’s why you need to watch what personal and private information they put on their social media stuff. and most girls are like into shopping and stuff but when they get into online shopping they don’t know if they are buying stuff or what they are doing. they also don’t know about scams and like what 4th grader wouldn’t click on a pop up that says “CLICK ME AND YOU COULD WIN 5,000,000 DOLLARS AND A TRIP TO THE BAHAMAS!!” any body that doesn’t know about scams would do that. also if you download something from like a weird pop up that says download this game before it even out yet, that gives hackers all the information they could want onto a persons computer.

  5. I think we should teach them about the cloud and how everything is always on the internet whether it’s deleted and you can’t see it or not. Cyber-bullying, be polite and respectful and never say something you wouldn’t want to say to someone in person. Privacy and not giving out personal information. Sharing is important, but not everything needs to be shared. Use private profiles and change passwords frequently.

  6. Some ideas I have about computer and business security is what kind of software people use to stay safe,also what computer crimes are and what happens,also what jobs you can get in computer and bussiness security.

  7. Computer Safety, Cyberbullying, Rules when on a computer. All of these are important and need to be told to young students and kids with computers.

  8. 1-Social media scams-There alot of scams involving email and other social media
    2-Online gaming safety-Many kids play games on the internet with other people
    3-Viruses in link-A link can promise something but then give a virus to your computer
    4-Buying stuff-Buying things off the internet can sometimes be a scam
    5-Downloads-Downloading things directly from the internet can sometimes give you a virus
    6-scams-There are many scams on the internet right now such as the your computer has a virus scam

  9. I think this class is important, especially since many jobs will want you to have lots of knowledge about computers. In the future, computers will most likely be used more and more. I think important things are: how to make a good website, knowledge about cloud and google drive, and how to use features like Word and Presentation to make a good and professional project.

  10. computer crimes / Hacking and Hackers / Free speech on the internet /

  11. I think it is important to take this class because it teaches you home row, tips on creating a good website, and cloud computing.
    But I also think that this class should teach us about internet safety like, protecting your email, what to post and not to post on social media in terms of helping you get into college or a sophisticated middle/high school.

  12. I personally think that students should take this class! It is a great opportunity for students to learn more about computers, and work in groups and do projects at the same time.

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