GOAL: By the end of class today you will know how to use a spreadsheet to budget a party.

  1. Finish: make an Excel spreadsheet for the Celebration Activity
    1. Log in to your Office 365 account online
    2. Choose Excel
    3. Create a new file from scratch
    4. Click the file menu–choose SAVE AS–click SAVE AS again–Name the file My Party Budget–Choose your 8th Grade Documentary folder
    5. In cell A1 type “My Party Budget”
    6. In A2 type “Item”
    7. In B2 type “Number Per Package”
    8. In C2 type “Price Per Package”
    9. In D2 type “Unit Price”
    10. Select cells A2 to D2 (point at the middle of A2, click and drag to D2 to select the cells) and choose WRAP TEXT from the HOME tab, ALIGNMENT section
    11. In A3 type Water
    12. In B3 type 18
    13. In C3 type 6
    14. In D3 enter a formula to calculate the unit price (remember to start every formula with the equal sign and use cell addresses (not actual numbers) in the calculation)
    15. Copy the formula in D3 down to D20 by clicking on cell D3, pointing at the notch in the lower right corner of the cell and when the pointer turns into a solid black plus sign click and drag to cell D20
    16. Format the numbers in columns C and D to dollar amounts by selecting cells C3 to D20 (point in the middle of cell C3, click and drag to D20) and then click the $ button on the HOME tab in the NUMBER section. Choose English
    17. Enter the information for the remaining budget items for ALL drinks, snacks, fruit, and extras
    18. You will need to make column A wider
    19. Make each of the 4 categories easier to identify by selecting all the items for one category and changing the color of the font–for instance, select from A3 to D5 to select all the drink items and change the color to Blue. Do the same by changing the font color to Green for the Snacks, Orange for the Fruit items, and Purple for the Extras
    20. Now you have $120 to spend. Pick the items for each category you want while not exceeding $120. To do this, follow these steps:
      1. In cell E2 type “Number of Packages” (you will need to wrap the text)
      2. In cell F2 type “Total Price”
      3. In cell A21 type Total Cost”
      4. In cell F21 use the SUM function to add cells F3 to F20 (even though there are no amounts there yet)–make it be in currency or dollar amount format
      5. In the beverages section choose which beverage you want by typing in the number of packages for that item and then use a formula to calculate the total price for that item. For instance, I choose juice by typing a 2 in cell E4 (because I want and can afford 2 packages of juice for my 24 guests). In cell F5 I will enter a formula to calculate the total price by multiplying the number of packages by the price per package. (Remember to start the formula with an equal sign and use cell addresses (not actual numbers) to make the calculation).
      6. Repeat the above instructions for the snacks, fruit, and extras sections.
    21. Merge & center the title over columns A to F (select cells A1 to F1 and click the merge & center button on the HOME tab, in the ALIGNMENT section) and Bold the title
    22. Center and bold the column headings
    23. Your finished spreadsheet should resemble the following: 
    24. Print the spreadsheet
    25. Raise your hand to show your teacher your formulas
  2. In your Word Online file for this class respond to the following:
    1. Caitlin is at the grocery store, and she’s trying to find the unit price on a 6-pack of drinks on sale for $2.99. Her younger brother says that at that price, each drink would cost just over $1.00. Is he correct, and how do you know? If he were incorrect, how would Caitlin’s brother find the correct price?

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