Day 11 (8)

FYI: You will use what you learn today to make your own party budget next class. If you have any questions, ask your teammates for help!! Make sure you understand EVERYTHING before advancing through this lesson. Make your goal to get 100% on the final quiz for this lesson–then you will be ready for next class!

Smart Shopping: Today you will be introduced to David, a middle school student that wants to redecorate his room on a limited budget. You must prioritize David’s budget, use comparison-shopping methods to decide which specific items to buy, research upcoming spending decisions, and make smart choices about when to spend or save.

GOAL: After today you will be able to……

  1. Define and identify opportunity cost in a given scenario
  2. Describe and prioritize the components of a budget based on an individual’s preferences
  3. Prioritize and differentiate between an individual’s needs and wants
  4. Apply comparison shopping methods, such as gathering price and quality information, comparing spending and non-spending alternative, and comparing unit price information
  5. Analyze whether information from sources are accurate and reliable when comparing products and services.


  1. Log in to
  2. Complete Module 2–you may retake the quiz as many times as necessary.
  3. In your Word Online file, write about how you met the the goals above.
  4.–fingers on home row & eyes on your screen…..

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