Day 13 (8)

GOAL: When you leave class today you will be able to………

  1. Identify the pros and cons of using different payment types
  2. Categorize a purchase as either a debit or credit transaction


  1. Remember in module 3 you helped Trevor decide which payment methods to use to make different purchases. What are some of the payment methods Trevor used to make purchases?
  2. Can you name some of the ways debit cards are different from credit cards?
  3. There are pros and cons to using each payment type.
    1. List some of pros of using a debit card.
    2. List some of the cons of using a debit card.
    3. List some of pros of using a credit card.
    4. List some of the cons of using a credit card.
  4. In this activity you will receive a list of transactions and you must identify whether a debit card or credit card was used for each transaction. For example:
    1. Transaction: Jamie used her card to purchase a new television. If she pays off the balance within 6 months she won’t have any interest added to her balance. Answer: Credit Card
    2. Open the Transaction Type worksheet. You will have 5 minutes to complete the activity individually. Record your answers in your Word Online file for this class. Also, answer the following: How did you identify whether the transaction was made with a debit or credit card?
    3. We will check them together when you are done.

Once everyone is done, we will start the following online banking simulation together:

  1. Open the Slide Show for the Instructions–Let’s work to complete Parts I & II today

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