Day 20 (8)

GOAL: Get caught up!!


  1. Party Spreadsheet
  2. MAKE SUB PLANS–create a list of step by step instructions that one of your classmates could follow in case you are ever absent on PAY DAY, BILL DAY, AUCTION DAY. Print it and put it in your folder. Keep your folder under your desk in this classroom.
  3. Ask at least 2 of your classmates if they can follow your sub plans and if they would be willing to be your sub if you are ever absent.
  4. Check JMC & do all MI’s!!
  5. Get ready for the next Pay Day, Auction Day
  6. Run a Coffee Shop

4 thoughts on “Day 20 (8)

  1. Maddie and I are using Kizoa. This is because It is very easy to add your own things, and it has many music tracks ready to add and animations ready to use.

  2. We choose KIZOA because it is really cool and they have a lot of cool animation and effects you can add that could be really cool in a presentation.

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