Ways to Pay: Today you will meet Trevor, a college student who needs help saving for an end of summer trip, while managing his day-to-day expenses. You must help him select a job, review his paycheck and credit card statement, and help him make decisions about when to utilize different payment types. GOAL: When you leave class today, you will be able to ……….
  1. Choose when to use different available payment methods (including cash, debit, credit, mobile, online, direct deposit, prepaid cards)
  2. Model positive strategies for using credit
  3. Summarize the effects of not paying off a credit card balance in full
  4. Assess the benefits and costs of using credit
  5. Describe the potential consequences of using “easy access” credit
  6. Understand the importance of a credit score, and recognize the components that affect your score
  7. Describe different sources of income, including wages, salaries, stipends, and benefits.
  8. Identify common withheld state and federal taxes by examining a paycheck
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  2. Complete Module 3
  3. Make Up Work
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