Day 22 (8)


Investing in You: Today you will advise Sydney, a high school student, on her future career path. You must help her narrow down the career path she’d like to pursue – by examining her skills and interests, the career’s income potential, and it’s education and training requirements. Afterwards, you will help Sydney find ways to reduce the out-of-pocket cost of her first year of post-secondary education.

GOAL: When you leave class today, you will be able to………

  1. Match personal skills and interests to various career options
  2. Compare education and training requirements, income potential and primary duties between multiple jobs of interest
  3. Compare the costs of post-secondary education with the potential increase in income and lifetime earnings from a career choice


  1. Log in to
  2. Complete Module 4–Investing in You
  3. Choose a CHROME JEOPARDY LINK from this site:

4 thoughts on “Day 22 (8)

  1. Today I cashed checks and deposited my own paycheck. Another thing I did was put extra cash from the bankers into the class bank. I also played the lemonade stand game.

  2. Today I passed out the paycheck to everyone. Then I put my paycheck and my bonus money into the bank. After this I looked at some examples for our Public Service Announcment. Then I played the lemonade stand game and learned to not over buy materials. I played the 7 days twice and lost money each time but the second time I lost less than the first becuase I took stuff away from the first time.

  3. Today was a little hard to do but then again it challenges me for in the future when I have a job. But this job is really fun to do and it does pay well so its a fun time.

  4. Today in class We got our paychecks. I then prepared for the Auction Day. After that I had some time so i played the lemonade stand game.

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