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    Today me and Francisco started finishing our video. Again we did our project on respect, And it’s pretty cool. Also I learned some new things from the video site.

  2. Maddie Schmidt


    Today Zoe and I got half way done with our video, and it is great! We are getting a lot done and we have a great idea to do the Lorax, and its good. We are working together really good! I really like working with Zoe because she has cool ideas and knows a lot of websites we can use. All and all we are doing good, getting everthing done, and working together.

  3. Reply

    I switched from Wideo to Powtoon. The reason is because wideo wouldn’t work so I had to switched. I got a lot done on the project, our project is on staying in school. I still have to finished but I think this will turn out great.

  4. Zoe Aschenbrenner


    Today Maddie and I worked on our video project. What went well was when we were able to get a Youtube clip into Kizoa with the sound. At first I wasn’t sure if the sound had been lost, but once we put it into a video clip in Kizoa the sound returned. We also got out attention grabbing beginning done, and should be able to finish the project on time next class.

  5. Nick Deppe


    Today we put some pictures on our video on kizoa. Then after that we were looking for videos on youtube about trustworthiness.

  6. Rebecca Kilburg


    Today Lexi and i worked on getting the pictures into the Wevideo and we were picking the music out for the wevideo. But we had to learn how to put the music into the wevideo so tomorrow we will be making the pictures have the right amount of space and put the music into the wevideo.

  7. Teresa Paulsen


    Today during class we had some trouble getting the video to share. We put some pictures on and some text. We also figured out how to move the text. Everything went well and we are pretty close to being done.

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