Day 26 (8)

GOAL: At the end of class today, you will be able to………

  1. Evaluate different career options based on job preferences and skills
  2. Understand the costs and benefits of different post secondary paths


  1. Of the following, which is the first thing you can do when preparing for college and career?
    1. Apply for as many jobs as possible
    2. Have a mock interview with a family member or friend
    3. Make a list of preferences and skills
    4. Sign up for internships
  2. Get out a sheet of notebook paper and take 5 minutes to brainstorm and list your own skills and interests.
  3. After the 5 minutes, get with a partner to work through sorting your list into two categories: job skills and job preferences.
  4. After sorting the items from your list write them into the correct categories on the graphic organizer (GET THE GRAPHIC ORGANIZER–The College and Career Planning Worksheet–from your instructor, remember that this is what you helped the FutureSmartTM character, Sydney Arnold, do in Module 4.
  5. Do you recall what the next step was in finding the right career for Sydney in yesterday’s module?
  6. You will now be doing your own career and college research and making plans for your future.
  7. Complete The College and Career Planning Worksheet (the back side). Review all sections of the worksheet so you know what your assignment is.
  8. Navigate to the following webpage:
    1. Do you know how to find information related to the career options on this page?
    2. Using your list of job skills and preferences, choose a career to research and fill out your “Career” and “College” columns on the planning sheet.
    3. Once you have completed the “College” and “Careers” columns on your worksheet, complete the final column, “What can I do NOW?” You will not need the computer for this portion.
  9. Return to your partner that you worked with to categorize your preferences and skills.
  10. Present your research to your partner
  11. Share your research with the whole group
  12. Turn in your research before you leave class

70 thoughts on “Day 26 (8)

  1. Ty&Kayden
    4.5 points
    The reason for this is that the video was interesting with the cool effects and text in the videos, and the message was memorable. However, it was a little unprofessional to abbreviate you to u. Other than that, you did a great job.

  2. I think that Blaze should get a 4/5 because it had a good message got the message across and told us what to do but was boring because it didn’t have music.

  3. Zoe and Maddie- They caught our attention. Especially the music. It was kind of short, but kept my attention the whole time,. We give it a 4.5

  4. Nick and Teresa – 3/5 because it didn’t really get our attention but it was good and it gave some good information.

  5. Cisco and Mariah
    The video was very beautiful with nice effects that held attention. The message was also memorable, short and to the point, however the music can in late.

  6. Zoe and Maddie
    I scored theirs a 4 because i liked hoe it had an attention getter but i wish it was a little longer but other then that it was a little longer.

  7. Nick&Teresa
    5 points
    This is because the video caught and held attention with it’s beautiful transitions and effects. The music was also nice, and it was a good idea to give examples of how to be trustworthy. However, there was a lot of reading, and sometimes text went away a little too fast.

  8. Lexi and Rebecca – 3.5/5 Because it was good and had good and inspirational quotes. The reason we took away points is because some of them were too short to read and they didn’t have credits.

  9. Adriana and Sydney
    I scored there at a 5 because it had a good attention getter and it was strait to the point. I really liked the raping part.

    I scored this video a 4 because i would have liked to see more pictures but i did like the sound and how it was strait to the point.

    I scored this a 3 because it didn’t have the best attention getter but it did get strait to the point, but i would have liked to have some sound.

    Rylie and David
    I scored theirs a 5 because it was strait to the point and it had a good toon to it plus it had a good attention getter.

  10. I give Cisco and Mariah a 4.5/5 because they did very well and kept my attention and it was very creative but there were no credits.

  11. Brady and Brandon – We give them a 4/5 because it was good and it gave all of the information but it didn’t really grab our attention.

  12. I really liked Ty’s and Kayden’s video, I give them a 5. I thought there was a lot going on and There was awesome music that kept my attention. Also I liked that they put a quote in it.

  13. I give Teresa and Nick a 4/5 because it kept my attention and carried a good message but was pretty long and there were no credits.

  14. Lexi and Rebecca
    The text was readable, the music was nice, and they got there point across well. Sometimes the text disappeared to quickly and there was a lot to read.

  15. Ty and Kayden- 4 It was good with good pictures. It didn’t have credits and the music wasen’t very attention grabing.

  16. David and Rylie- I thought that it caught our attention by the music. Some of the pictures were blurry, and some of them were cut off. The 2 way respect thing was useful. Overall We give them a 4

  17. Riley and David- 3/5 because we didn’t like that some of the pictures were blurry or cut off. But it did grab our attention well because of the music.

  18. Brady&Brandon
    4.5 points
    This is because the video was interesting, visually appealing, and creative. On one slide, however, the text was hard to read and disappeared too quickly.

  19. Cisco and Mariah- 4.5 It was really good. It had some good pictures and the music was attention grabing. It didn’t have creitds

  20. Blaze- We gave her a 3/5 because it had information but it was hard to pay attention because it didn’t have any music or sound.

  21. I give them a 4 because it got my attention and the quote caught my attention but i docked a point because it went to quick.David

  22. Jacobs video gets a 3
    Got my attention in the begging but lost me at the end. Gave him a 3 because no credits and didnt have pictures.

  23. Becca and Lexi- 4 It was good. It gave some good points, but it didn’t have credits and it didn’t have their own ideas.

  24. Adrianna and Sydnee- We gave their video a 5/5 because it was original and creative and and it did a good job keeping our attention.

  25. I think that Brady and Brandon deserve a 3/5 because they did not keep my attention. They did not put down credits and the facts went too fast. Besides that it was creative. It had a good idea to go off of.

  26. David and Rylie
    Theirs was long, kind of repeated itself, and some of the text was had to read or cut off. The music was interesting and it was colorful.

  27. Brady and Brandon- 3 It was ok. It had too much writing on it and was too fast but it gave some good overall points.

  28. Zoe and Maddie- 3.5 It was good because the begging was attention grabbing. It was kind of hard to understand so we had to re watch.

  29. for blazes video I give her a a 4 because it really got my attention. They could of had music in it though but other wise it was good.

  30. Blaze
    3.5 points
    It had a memorable message, showed care, and the transitions between slides were nice. It wasnt very interesting or attention grabbing since there wasnt any music.

  31. Maddie and Zoe should get a 3.5/5 because they did not put credits and did not explain what to do. It was short and caught my attention. It was creative. I liked it a lot.

  32. Rylie and David- 3.5 Their video had a good idea but it felt like they were just repeating themselves. They never really put their own ideas out there. Their music was good because it was attention grabbing.

  33. 4 I think it was really good and i liked it way to go. I liked how you put the music in it was good it caught my attention and it was great.

  34. Jacob- It kind of caught our attention. We learned that if you give love you will get love. They go the point across. This is info we can use. They didn’t tell us to do anything in the end. He did provide credits. Overall I give them a 4.5

  35. Jacob
    4 points
    This is because the video was very well made, but had lots of information in it was hard to remember a message.

  36. I think that Adriann and Sydnee should get a 4/5. It was creative and kept my attention for a while. Overall they did well.

  37. Aj and Sydnee- 3.5 because it was pretty good. They had a really good idea and had nice words to their rap. They didn’t have credts and the bottle flip was too slow.

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