GOAL: Before you leave class today you will have the opportunity to finish your job training video/presentation.

  1. You can use Google Slides or you can record a video using your phone
  2. Be sure to SHARE with tracyweber@bellevue.k12.ia.us before you leave class today.


  1. In the beginning tell/show them what they need to do to START the job at the beginning of the trimester–what do they need to set up and how do they do it?
  2. Then tell them what they need to have prepared BEFORE every pay day, bill day, auction day–tell/show them how to do it.
  3. Tell them what will happen on pay day, bill day, auction day–tell/show them what to expect on those days.
  4. Offer advice on how to be successful in this job–think about what you would’ve done differently in order to be better at your job and tell/show them.

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