Day 3 (8)


GOAL: You will have the opportunity to begin a blog!

  1. Today you will receive your job assignments and will start earning your salaries. Get your job offer letter. Sign the letter and give it back to your teacher.
  2. Watch AND DO this video on how to
    1. establish your Office 365 account–we will use Office 365 in this class instead of Google Drive.
      1. GET YOUR PASSWORD HANDOUT FROM YOUR TEACHER when you are prompted to enter your Office 365 password.
    2. create a Word Online file to do your daily writings for this class–share it with me:
    3. create a Folder in OneDrive online to share with me for this class
  3. If you didn’t do it last class:
    1. Go to the 8th Grade Documentary Student Page of Fame and explore ALL CLASS!!! There is a lot to look at!! What do you want to learn during this class? You will answer this question at the end of class today. Please pick at least 3 different topics/units you would like to explore and rank them with #1 being your most favorite unit/topic. Be sure to explain why you chose each unit/topic. Use good writing skills. Be sure to include your answers to these questions in your daily writing for today below.
    2. COMPLETE THIS FORM ABOUT POSSIBLE PROJECTS FOR THIS CLASS (select & copy this link, then get a new tab going and paste the link in the URL box):
  4. Watch this Introduction video clip created by Mrs. Weber to welcome you to her class. You will also learn about the expectations for your class.
  5. EXTRA CREDIT: Show your parents this lesson plan and have them visit this part of my website:
    1. Parent Info.
    2. 8th Grade Student Page of Fame
    3. 8th Grade Documentary class page.
    4. Ask them to fill out the form on the Parent Info. page or the Comments section at the bottom of the 8th Grade page or the bottom of the home page of my website. Ask them to tell me what they expect you to learn in this class this quarter. Also, please have them offer any suggestions or ask any questions they may have!! THANKS!!!
  6. Begin creating your blog:
    1. Watch this video about blogs
    2. Read these rules about netiquette and posting online
    3. Go to
    4. Click SIGN UP FREE NOW!
    5. Full Name: Your first and last name
    6. Email: Use your school email
    7. Password: Use the password you use for your school Google account
    8. What is the website for?: Child
    10. If asked, say YES to save your password for the site
    11. Watch the video to help you get started
    12. After the video:
      1. Choose a template–remember you can change it later if you want
        1. Add header image
        2. Add content & edit sidebar–click the red note button
        3. Edit the homepage–click the red page button
        4. Customize your website–add or delete pages–click red menu button–KEEP THE BLOG PAGE
      2. Go to the BLOG page–this is where you will do your writing for this class everyday. You will share this blog with Mrs. Weber and your parents and anyone else you would like to see what you are doing in class.
      3. Click the red NEW BLOG POST button
      4. Title: Creating a Blog (ALWAYS be sure to capitalize each word in a title!!)
      5. Leave Tags blank–skip it
      6. Entry Content: Type 3-5 sentences about what you did today, what you learned, how you can use it in your life outside of this class, how you can use it in your life outside of this school.
      7. Click SAVE
      8. Click the green PUBLISH SITE button
      9. Click PUBLISH FREE–option 2: personal website
      10. Check the box I’m not a robot
      11. Click PUBLISH
      12. Click HOME to go to your home page
      13. Right click your URL (it is the website address) and choose to copy
      14. Go to your Word Online file for this class.
      15. Right click and choose paste to paste your website address
      16. Click to SHARE the Word Online file so I can have access to your Blog posts

Today the following people will train for their job:

  1. Bankers: Adessa, Memphis, Lillian K-N.

    • You will have a bank log (Excel Online) and an envelope for each of your clients, and you should label these clearly with your clients names. Make a sheet for each client in the same Excel Online Workbook.
    • The bank log (Excel Online) you hold for each of your clients should always match your client’s own bank log (Excel Online). If the balances do not match, then the you and your client must work together to figure out why.
    • You will manage your client’s logs by adding deposits and subtracting withdrawals.
    • You should keep about $2,000 in cash on hand in case your clients want to make withdrawals. Any extra cash should go into the classroom cash box. Where is it?

    Class Bankers: Al

    • You will keep a log of all of the money that goes in and out of the classroom cash box, including withdrawals and deposits from the Bankers and the teacher. Create the log using Excel Online.

    Fine Officer: Gretta, Jayden, Kindalynn

    • Where is the offense log? Be sure to check it on Ticket Day to  see whether any of your clients have committed infractions. One of you create a log using Excel Online & share it with your other fine officers.
    • Monitor student’s work areas. Give out fines for messy and/or unclean work areas.
    • Monitor student jobs. Give out fines to students who are not doing their job.
    • Monitor student behavior in class. Give out fines to students who are not on task.
    • How do you fill out a fine ticket?
    • Your clients will be bringing their fine money to you (the Fine Officer). Where should you put the returned fine tickets and cash?
    • How do you update the offense log once a fine is paid?
    • Other questions?

    Auctioneer/Rent Payment Collector: Shane, Cameron, Ashton, Laila

    Recyclist/Lottery Manager/Visual Display Artist: Madison

    • Monitor the recycling bins and trash cans for appropriate deposits.
    • Collect $50 from each student to pay for their recycling bill & keep track of who paid using a spreadsheet
    • Increase the schools awareness of the importance of recycling by creating signs and flyers.
    • Put the name of each person in your class on a small slip of paper. Put the paper in a box. Draw names to see who wins the lottery.
    • Determine what type of information is presented on the class bulletin boards and walls and windows.
    • Ensure class displays are updated with relevant class information.
    • Decorate room.
    • Paint.

    Electrician/Messenger/Unexpected Events Manager: Anthony

    • Monitor electricity usage in the classroom.
    • Collect $150 from each student to pay for their electric bill. Keep track of who paid using a spreadsheet
    • Creatively present ideas on how to conserve energy and reduce the monthly bill.

    Attendance Monitor/Attendance Bonus Provider: Saylor

    • Take daily attendance and record absences.
    • Give a $100 to each student for perfect attendance since the last payday/bill day
    • Report absences to the teacher.
    • Provide students with make-up materials when they return to class & email them the day they are gone to let them know what they missed & what they need to turn in when they return.

    Clerk: Lauren, Liberty, Lily F.

    • Hand out papers to students.
    • Collect papers or homework from students.
    • Organize the class supply area and keep it neat.
    • Find out how much each of your client’s make for their monthly paycheck
    • Write out everyone’s checks BEFORE pay & distribute them


    • Monitor spending habits and trends during the class auction.
    • Report back to teacher and other students about the buying trends for the auction and how they compared to previous auctions in a Google Doc shared with the teacher and the entire class.

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