Day 31 (8)

GRADE YOUR TEACHER/CLASS FOR THE FIRST QUARTER GOAL: At the end of class today, you will be able to………
  1. Evaluate different career options based on job preferences and skills
  2. Understand the costs and benefits of different post secondary paths
  1. Of the following, which is the first thing you can do when preparing for college and career?
    1. Apply for as many jobs as possible
    2. Have a mock interview with a family member or friend
    3. Make a list of preferences and skills
    4. Sign up for internships
  2. Get out a sheet of notebook paper and take 5 minutes to brainstorm and list your own skills and interests.
  3. After the 5 minutes, get with a partner to work through sorting your list into two categories: job skills and job preferences.
  4. After sorting the items from your list write them into the correct categories on the graphic organizer (GET THE GRAPHIC ORGANIZER–The College and Career Planning Worksheet–from your instructor, remember that this is what you helped the FutureSmartTM character, Sydney Arnold, do in Module 4.
  5. Do you recall what the next step was in finding the right career for Sydney in yesterday’s module?
  6. You will now be doing your own career and college research and making plans for your future.
  7. Complete The College and Career Planning Worksheet (the back side). Review all sections of the worksheet so you know what your assignment is.
  8. Navigate to the following webpage:
    1. Do you know how to find information related to the career options on this page?
    2. Using your list of job skills and preferences, choose a career to research and fill out your “Career” and “College” columns on the planning sheet.
    3. Once you have completed the “College” and “Careers” columns on your worksheet, complete the final column, “What can I do NOW?” You will not need the computer for this portion.
  9. Return to your partner that you worked with to categorize your preferences and skills.
  10. Present your research to your partner
  11. Share your research with the whole group
  12. Turn in your research before you leave class