Day 4 (8)

HERE IS WHAT WILL DO THIS TRIMESTER (in the order of the most popular votes):

  1. Personal Finance
  2. Learn How to Start Your Own Business
  3. Public Service Announcements
  4. Coding

GOAL: You will create your bank log using MICROSOFT EXCEL ONLINE

  1. CREATE YOUR BANK LOG USING EXCEL ONLINE. After the video, for practice:
    1. make a deposit of $200 for winning the lottery
    2. make a withdrawal that $200 because you have to pay for a new hot water heater.
    3. Share your Excel Online file with me.
  2. Make an Excel Online file for your job–if your job requires it. Share it with Mrs. Weber:
  3. IMPORTANT: At the end of every class, write about the following at the TOP OF THE WORD ONLINE FILE for this class:
    1. Describe what happened or what you did during class.
    2. Interpret how things went by using one (or more) of these terms:
      1. Strength & Weaknesses
      2. Successes & Setback
    3. What have you learned due to this experience?
    4. Answer one (or more) of these questions:
      1. What can you do to improve your learning?
      2. How will you extend your learning past what is expected?
    5. Be sure to use good writing skills!!
  4. Do your job responsibilities.
  5. LEARN HOW TO RUN A BUSINESS!! Read about and play LEMONADE STAND for the rest of class.

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