Day 42 (8)

Your Financial Future: You will accompany Chris, a recent college graduate, as he goes through a “life simulation”, helping him make insurance and investment decisions at critical life milestones. You will help Chris select different insurance policies (and experience how random, unexpected occurrences can lead to financial loss), and help him adjust his investment portfolio as he nears retirement age.

GOAL: When you leave class today, you will be able to ………

  1. Model insurance decisions that can be used to minimize the risk of financial loss
  2. Categorize the kinds of expenses that typical auto, renters’, homeowners’ and health insurance policies cover
  3. Describe the differences between a premium, deductible, copayment, and coinsurance
  4. Investigate the use of liability insurance to cover accidental bodily harm or damage to another person’s property
  5. Describe and compare stocks, bonds, and mutual funds based on their typical risk and return levels
  6. Suggest appropriate investment types for people based on their risk tolerance and investment growth timeframe
  7. Explain how money invested regularly over time may grow exponentially
  8. Explain how stock markets facilitate the buying and selling of securities


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