Build Your Blueprint: Using your knowledge and experience from the course, you will set your own financial goals and make plans for your future. Your answers create a portfolio piece – your “Blueprint” – that can be printed or shared with others. This personalized document details your future career interests, plans for post secondary education, and next action steps.

GOAL: When you leave class today you will be able to ……….

  1. Understand that attitudes and values affect financial decisions
  2. Identify and reflect on their personal values, financial habits and mindsets
  3. Apply systematic decision making to setting and achieving financial goals
  4. Construct and prioritize personal financial goals
  5. Determine the cost of achieving a goal
  6. Give examples of how decisions made today can affect future opportunities
  7. Devise a strategy to finance the costs of post-secondary education


  1. Log in to everfi. com
  2. Complete Module 7: Build Your Blueprint
  3. Play Stax as a group–link is in last class’ lesson plan