Today we will begin our unit on career exploration and personal finance–both of which you will DEFINITELY use in your near future!!

Be thinking about what you want to accomplish for the rest of the year, during high school, and beyond high school to accomplish your life goal.

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  1. Today I watched a bunch of videos about Powtoon and how to use it. I learned about how there are a lot of different templates and backgrounds to use and choose from. I learned how there are many different types of characters and word boxes to add and how to swap them in and out. I also learned how to make the characters have animations and how to make them move for longer and shorter time frames.

  2. Today i learned how to use powtoon. The things i like most about powtoon was how the characters moved and did actions. Some other things i liked about powtoon was that it is easy and fun to use.

  3. Today we watched 5 videos on PowToon. I learned that you can upload pictures. I Also learned you can use emoji’s,other pictures,and some stickers.

  4. I learned how to use Powtoon today. I learned how to add text and how to add animation to the text. I also learned how to set a backround and how to add a little character and add animation to that too.

  5. Today I watched like 6 videos, and I learned a lot on how to make a video/ slide. Then I read the powtoon website. After that I experiented with powtons, I like a little, but im still getting used to it.

  6. I learned about how to use powtoon. I also learned how to delete text and put in text. I know now how to use the project and all of the stuff i needed to do.

  7. Today what I did in Powtoon is download a background from my computer, animate a title screen, and explore the different styles of animation. What I learned about Powtoon is that it has different styles that come with their own sets of props and characters. I also learned that the characters and some items already come with animations. Powtoon is easy and fun to use.

  8. I learned how to make a animation on Powtoon. I am still trying to figure out how to animate my character but I think this is going to be fun. I think I want to make funny animations on powtoon once I completely learn how to use it.

  9. Today I watched the five PowToon videos which taught be to use the website. I think that this site is cool because we get to be creative and make it our own.

  10. Powtoon looks like a fun web site. I am just messing with it right now but I am going to make some thing decent. This could help me a lot in the future when I need to make a project or a presentation.

  11. This class was fun because we got to make our own powtoon. I think I learned a lot about this.

    1. Be more specific next time.

  12. I like using powtoon was fun. I learned that there are lots of people and different emoji. I think that making the cartoons are going to be fun to make. Powtoon has an easy layout and is lots of fun.

  13. Today I watched the 5 videos. I made a powtoon about dogs. I learned how to make powtoons and how to have special affects like a hand drawing text. I also added a dog wagging his tail. My powtoon is looking really good. I’m excited to see what it looks like when its done

  14. I learned how to add text and play the video. Another thing I learned is how to add people and their expressions. I think powtoons is fun. I like that powtoons have everything right there

  15. I learned that some different characters in powtoons have different motions than others. I will be using powtoons for projects or presentations in this class. I likie the way that powtoons is simple and easy to use.

  16. I learned how to use pow-toon. It is a really cool website. Although I really like youtubes editing more.

  17. Today I watched a few videos about how to make a good video on powtoon. I started a powtoon video but didn’t finish it. I am kind oof confused about how to do this but i’m starting to learn about it and get used to it.

  18. Today i watched the videos and then read the website. I started making a PowToon then i couldn’t get the features to load to edit my pictures so i didn’t get as much done as i wanted too.

  19. Today I worked on powToo. It was pretty fun. I really like how u can put in emojis.

    1. Be sure to use good writing skills.

  20. i learned how to use Powtoon and we used it too. then we watched videos on it too

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