Day 6 (8)


Welcome Mayor: Today you will be introduced to the course storyline and reflect on your own personal financial priorities, habits and mindsets though a “Financial Personality Test”.

GOAL: When you leave class today you will be able to…….

  1. Identify and reflect on your personal values, financial habits and mindsets
  2. Understand the goals and features of the course


  1. Go to
  2. Click REGISTER
  3. Under Student/Learner, this is the code: 1427313d
  4. Click NEXT
    1. enter your birthday
    2. use your name for your username (for example, I would use: tracyweber)
    3. use Comets1 for your password for now–you can change it later if you want
  5. Under CURRENT COURSES we are going to use Mass Mutual Foundations–Future Smart–click GET STARTED
  6. Take the SURVEY
  7. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE after completing the survey
  8. Click 1 WELCOME MAYOR–plug in your earbuds
  9. Keep clicking next to move through the first module–you will know you are done when you get to the end, you are mayor, and there will be a green check mark on #1 and #2 will be selected.

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