Goal: Before you leave today you will:

  1. conduct research and report on a famous mistake
  2. demonstrate understanding of the value of mistakes


  1. What do potato chips and play-doh have in common?
  2. Famous Failures
  3. Pick an item from the list below to research. Try Googling “________________________ invented by mistake” or “_____________________ invented by accident”. Be sure to evaluate the credibility of the site you are using!! Use the Rule of 3. Here is the list:
    1. microwave
    2. x-ray images
    3. plastic
    4. teflon
    5. saccharin
    6. super glue
    7. post-its
    8. silly putty
    9. penicillin
    10. liquid paper
    11. slinky
    12. popsicles
    13. chocolate chip cookies
    14. velcro
    15. ice cream cones
    16. frisbee
  4. Answer these questions in your research
    1. How was the product created by mistake?
    2. How do we use this product today?
    3. How did learning about this mistake make you think differently about mistakes and challenges you face?
  5. Create a presentation/infographic (piktochart)/poster depicting how the product was created by mistake and the value the mistake generated for society.
  6. Here is an example: