GOAL: Before you leave class today you will apply what you have learned about Google Presentation by creating a presentation on a topic of your choice that will educate your audience.

  1. Remember the following:
    1. In life, when you get a job, most likely you will not get to pick your coworkers. Be flexible & FIND A WAY!!
    2. Negotiate. This is another employability skill. Find common ground!! Compromise!!
    3. Work together equally–the person who does ALL the work will receive a low grade as well as the person who does NONE of the work. Neither will go over very well in the real world. TEAMWORK is key!! Include everyone. Work together!!
  2. Remember:
    1. Conduct primary & secondary research.
    2. Address the QUESTION, but it may or may not have a right or wrong answer.
    3. How does it affect you & your audience?
    4. It educates your audience. Tell us something we don’t already know. Catch our attention in the beginning, hold our attention throughout the presentation, and tell us what to do in the end.


  1. Create a Google PRESENTATION share it with your partner & your teacher
  2. Open the Google Doc for this project–use to to create your slides & speaker notes for this PRESENTATION.
    1. Write what you will SAY to your audience when you are presenting in the SPEAKER NOTES
    2. Abbreviate what you will say into words & phrases (no complete sentences) on the actual SLIDE
  3. You will finish the PRESENTATION next class.


  1. Here is how you will be graded
  2. You will show the class your presentation online by SHARING it.
  3. You must do the following:
    1. Print speaker notes–give them to me
      1. Bring up your presentation in Google
      2. File menu
      3. Download As
      4. PowerPoint
      5. Get into PowerPoint
      6. Open the presentation you just downloaded
      7. File
      8. Print
      9. Notes Pages
    2. Include a YouTube video
    3. Include a Table
    4. Include an inserted image
    5. Include a drawing
      1. Bring up the Google Drawing
      2. File
      3. Download As
      4. JPEG
      5. Bring up your Google Presentation
      6. Insert
      7. Image
      8. Upload
    6. Include a theme
    7. Include transitions–to draw attention, not distract your audience
    8. Include animations–to draw attention, not distract your audience
    9. Share with all your classmates
  4. In a Google Doc shared with me, please tell me what you accomplished today and what questions you have. EVERYONE NEEDS TO DO THIS!!