GOAL: Before you leave class today you will apply what you have learned about Google Presentation by creating a presentation on a topic of your choice that will educate your audience.


  1. Present
  2. Here is how you will be graded
  3. Share your Presentation with your classmates AND with tracyweber@bellevue.k12.ia.us
  4. Print speaker notes–turn it in
    1. Bring up your presentation in Google
    2. File menu
    3. Download As
    4. PowerPoint
    5. Get into PowerPoint
    6. Open the presentation you just downloaded
    7. File
    8. Print
    9. Notes Pages
  5. View the presentations sent by your classmates. Provide positive feedback for them on the Wall below. You may want to respond to the following questions:
      1. What did you like about how they set it up?
      2. What did you learn about their topic?
      3. What suggestions do you have for them?

  6. Make Up Work–Check JMC.┬áTurn in all ZEROS.