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  1. Today in class I decided what my commercial will be about. I decided to do a commercial for the Worldwide Wildlife Foundation. I also started on the commercial and know what I’m going to do. So far, I haven’t encountered any problems and I should finish on time.

  2. Today I learned how to make a commercial on Powtoon. I’ve gotten half way through completing my commercial. I think I have a pretty good hook at the beginning of my commercial. I’ve figured out how to upload pictures on Powtoon as well. I think I finally getting the hang of this since last time.

  3. Today I decide what to do for my Powtoon project and I am doing my own diesel mechanic.I still have not finished but tomorrow I will still have time

  4. Today in class, I worked on my Powtoon video. I made 2 slides and have a couple left plus I have to add music. Everything went smooth and I haven’t run into any problems yet.

  5. Today I started to make my powtoon comerical, I did mine on Grandpas parlor, and its going pretty good. I started adding people, text, and ice cream!! Thats pretty much what I did all class.

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