GOAL: You will begin developing your own business!

  1. Get with a partner and create the Business Proposal–include the following:
    1. Name of your business
    2. Hours you will be open
    3. What do you do? (Fix, sell, build, feed, serve, help?)
    4. Location of the business. Is it a small, rural community or a large, urban community? Where in the town will you be located? Actually choose a location. Explain why that location will be good for your business.
    5. Identify the competition in your business area and location.
    6. How many employees will you need? You must have at least 3. What specific positions will these employees hold? Give details.
    7. Why do you think your business will succeed?
    1. Graphics to help convey your ideas—could be photos, organization chart, map, etc.
    2. Include a LOGO for your business
    3. Include a SLOGAN for your business
    4. Share the Logo with me through Googe Drive online–go to Google Drive online, right click the logo file, click SHARE, type my email address:
  3. Download Your Logo As A Picture File:
    1. In Google Draw, click FILE
    3. Do one of the following depending on how your computer downloads your picture:
      1. Choose to put the picture in your Google Drive on your machine
      2. Click the downloaded picture in the lower left corner of your browser window
        1. Click FILE
        2. MAKE A COPY–browse to your Google Drive on your machine
  4. Send The Picture File of Your Logo to Me As an Email Attachment:
    1. Go to your Gmail online
    2. Compose a new message to
    3. Subject: My Logo (be sure to capitalize the first letter of each word in the subject line every time you send an email message)
    4. Message Area: Mrs. Weber (hit enter 2 times) type a message to me about your logo using good writing skills. When you are done typing your message, hit enter 2 times and type your name.
    5. Click the PAPERCLIP and browse to find your logo in your Google Drive on your machine
    6. SEND
  5. LEARN HOW TO RUN A BUSINESS!! Read about and play LEMONADE STAND for the rest of class.

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