Day 8 (8)

Today you will have the opportunity to learn a little bit about PowerPoint Online–if you use what you learn today about PowerPoint Online outside of this class either in another class or outside of school, let me know!! I will give you extra credit!

GOAL: You will continue reflecting and planning for the future by creating a financial timeline in the form of a roadmap. You will brainstorm various financial decisions, expenses, and events anticipated in your lifetime and consider the steps you will need to take to face each. Upon completion of the course, you will revisit this timeline to make revisions or apply new knowledge.

  1. Remember that Module 1 asked you to pick three values that are important to you. Here is a list of examples you were asked to pick from:
    1. Donating to charity
    2. Having a job I love
    3. Starting my own family
    4. Traveling the world
    5. Not having to worry about money
    6. Spending time with my friends
    7. Saving for retirement
    8. Supporting my family
    9. Getting a good education
    10. Helping other people and my community
    11. Owning a house someday
    12. Buying my first car
    13. You can add your own also.
  2. In your Word Online file for this class write about which values matter to you and what action steps you must take for them. Then in the Word Online file for this class write about all financial decisions or expenses – how you plan to spend your money – during different phases of life. Here are some examples of phases:
    1. now (middle school)–earn money by babysitting, spend money on ??? (wants) & put money into my savings account (needs)
    2. high school–earn money by working a part time job, spend money on gas, etc. & savings (needs & wants??)
    3. college–earn money working part time, spend money on education/training (needs & wants??)
    4. post-college adulthood–earn money working full time job as ___________ & spend money on car, house, savings, etc. (needs & wants??)
  3. WATCH THIS VIDEO ON HOW TO MAKE A TIMELINE USING POWERPOINT ONLINE. You are going to use the examples below to make a timeline or “road map” of your life. You may choose to make a traditional timeline or you may choose to connect chronological events in the style of a road map. You should be considering both needs and wants on your timeline/road map. What is the difference between need and want? Here are some examples:
  4. Print & turn in your timeline when it is completed.
  6. Do your job

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