Guest Speakers, Field Trips, Etc……..

FBLA is currently selling purple March of Dimes bracelets for $1 and they will be hosing a PURPLE OUT at the basketball game December 1st against Camanche. PLEASE PARTICIPATE!! Contact me if you have any questions or you would like to buy a bracelet!!!

Last week some of my classes had the benefit of having experts come in to speak to their class. John Long came in to the 8th Grade Documentary class to speak to the students about the importance of investing and banking. Steven Nemmers came in to speak to the Introduction to Business students about his experience writing a business plan and he helped them with their own business plans. Some of the FBLA students had the opportunity to attend lunch at the Happy Bean and hear Allen Ernst speak about his business experiences. They even provided lunch for us on them! All of these are great learning experience that benefit the students tremendously. In other classes:

Web Apps & Coding: We started using the programming software Alice these last 2 weeks. The program allows students to learn Java. Currently we are “setting the scene” and coding basic commands to make animations.

Business Apps I (ADM122): We are finishing our unit on reports (YEAH!!!!)!!! There will be a test on Tuesday. The students will also create a screencast about important aspects from the reports unit. I will post them to the Student Page of Fame for their class, so check that out next week!

7th Grade Technology Applications: The students recently completed some “advertising cards” for our school district. They did a great job! Mr. Meyer will be presenting two of them to the District Leadership Team next week! We are currently working on print material for the Jackson County Humane Society in groups.

6th Grade Computer Applications: The students are currently working a financial education unit that is game based using a website called This past week we learned about wants, needs, opportunity costs, and careers.


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