High School Courses

All the high school courses taught at Bellevue High School are designed to prepare students for success in high school and beyond. Here is the recommended sequence of the courses offered; however, exceptions can be made! Talk to Mrs. Weber!!!

*Students can take ANY of these courses ANY year/time (first or second semester).*


Freshman Year


Business Computer Applications I (ADM 122–College Credit)

  • 1st Qtr: MLA Research Report Formatting (bound & unbound, side headings, bulleted  numbered lists), resume writing & job seeking unit (business letter format & envelopes), touch typing
  • 2nd Qtr: Templates (memos), tables (column headings, number columns, totals), Intro. to Excel


Web Apps & Coding

  • 1st Qtr: Google & Cloud Computing Unit, App Development
  • 2nd Qtr: Coding, Gaming Development, Online Portfolio Development

Sophomore Year


Advanced Computer Applications (CSC 110–College Credit)

  • 1st Qtr: Word, Excel, PowerPoint (2013 Microsoft Certification Tests for Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • 2nd Qtr: Access, Integrated Project (2013 Microsoft Certification Test for Access)


Multimedia Marketing 

  • 1st Qtr: Marketing, Photoshop
  • 2nd Qtr: InDesign, Illustrator, Marketing campaigns–digital & print media including App development & Infographics

Junior Year


Introduction to Web Design (CIS 210–College Credit)

  • 1st Qtr: History of Internet, XHTML Overview, CSS, Images & Multimedia
  • 2nd Qtr: Advanced XHTML, CSS Layout, Bellevue Business Web Site

Introduction to Business (21st Century Business I)

  • 1st Qtr: Basic business concepts on how to start your own business
  • 2nd Qtr: Develop business plan for class business and/or student’s own business


Personal Finance (21st Century Business II)

  • 1st Qtr: Financial Capability Challenge, Bellevue State Bank Simulation
  • 2nd Qtr: Gen I Revolution Personal Finance game & Personal financial plan

Senior Year



  • Accounting for Sole Proprietorship


College Accounting  (College Credit)

  • Payroll Accounting
  • Accounting for Merchandising Business

*Students can take ANY of these courses ANY year/time (first or second semester).*

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