I Have a Great Job!!

I get the opportunity everyday to work with students to help them learn to learn! It is awesome most days!! 🙂 Last week and this week have been totally awesome! Here are some highlights from the past two week:

The 8th Grade Documentary class was able to tour the Western Dubuque Biodiesel plant in Farley and a business in Maquoketa that converts used cooking oil from McDonald’s, Kalmes’, etc. into biodiesel. This field trip originated from the students completing a commercial to promote alternative fuels in Iowa. They had all sorts of questions about the process, so I thought I would let the experts speak to them. It was a great experience! The students represented our school and community very well! They asked great questions and they were very attentive.

Today I am at NICC in Peosta with 7 freshmen & sophomores from the Intro to Business class and Nick Huenke from Bellevue State Bank. The students, with Nick as their mentor, are playing CEO for a day! They are competing against other schools in the JA Titan corporation competition for an opportunity to advance to the scholarship round in two week in Davenport. They must work as a team to achieve the highest Performance Index (PI) by making good decisions on production, research & development, price, marketing, and charitable donations based on how the other teams are performing against them and what their staff suggests. They do have the ability to say “YOU’RE FIRED” to their employees!

November is Prematurity Birth Awareness month. To promote this, Bellevue’s FBLA chapter is raising money for the March of Dimes. They will be:

  1. selling Scentsy until December 4th–the orders will be in before Christmas! They make an excellent gift!!
  2. selling March of Dimes bracelets for $1 until they are gone!
  3. hosting a “PURPLE OUT” night at the December 1st basketball game against Camanche–50/50 raffle, 1/2 court shot contest, & bracelets will be sold–everyone from Bellevue & Camanche are encouraged to wear purple to the game.

The week of November 15th is American Enterprise week. To celebrate this, Bellevue’s FBLA chapter will be attending the City Council meeting on November 16th and visiting the Happy Bean on November 17th to eat lunch and visit with Allen Ernst about what it is like to run a business and be involved in city government. We will also be sponsoring an American Enterprise trivia question per day at school that week for the student body to win prizes.

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