Rockwell, Homecoming, & The Cubs!!

Wow! It’s finally fun to be a Cubs fan! I haven’t been able to say that in a LOOOOONNNNNNGGGGGG time! Anyway, this has been an exciting and event-filled week! Homecoming week is always a fun and interesting time of the year!! 🙂 Along with Homecoming, I was able to take the 8th Grade Documentary class and the Introduction to Business class on a field trip to Rockwell–right across the street! What a neat experience! Did you know they make sonar equipment used in ALL large Airbus & Boeing jets that allow the pilots to land the plan in zero visibility? Did you know they make electronic boards and boxes that are essential to all airplanes for communication purposes? The students learned about what engineers, managers, and electronic technicians at Rockwell do on a daily basis. Bellevue is very fortunate to have this business in our community!

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