Morgan’s Commercial

Grace’s Commercial

Sidney’s Commercial

Jordan’s Commercial

Rissa’s Infographic

rissa infographic

Jackson’s Infographic

jacksons infographic

Garrett’s Infographic

Beau’s Infographic

Gabby’s InfographicBeau’s PSA on Personal Finance

Adrian’s Commercial

James’ Commercial

Mariah’s Chores, Inc. Commercial

How Mistakes Are Good

 infographic microwave derek davies

Final Google Presentation Projects:

Nick & Teresa’s Trustworthiness Video

Lexi & Rebecca’s Stop Bullying Video

Sydnee & Adrianna’s Respect Video

Rebecca, Lexi, Maddie, & Teresa’s School Safety Video

Business Ehtics–Kaylynn, Kylee, Gentry, Alex

JA Finance Park Life Stages Presentations

If the files do not load, click on their file name and download them to view them.


Kyle’s Direct Hit Karaoke Commercial

Simon’s Support the Saints Commercial

Adyson’s Sedgwick Commercial

Luke’s Casey’s Commercial

Marcus’ Family Dentistry Commercial

Justin’s Lock 12 Commercial

Brandon’s Sundown Commercial

Tami’s BMS/BHS Commercial

Shayne’s Preston Firewood Commercial

Nicole’s DTS Photography Commercial

Lauren’s DTS Photography Commercial

Brin’s DTS Photography Commercial

Mark’s Circle C Commercial

Dillan’s Junction 21 Commercial

Paxton’s Subway Commercial

Brandon’s Biofuel PSA

Luke’s Biofuel PSA

Brin’s Biofuel PSA

Tami’s Biofuel PSA

Adyson’s Biofuel PSA

Marcus & Justin’s PSA

2013-2014 Course Overview

Bullying Videos from 2013-2014

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