2019 Projects:

Graphic Design:

  1. Kylee’s

Publication Design:

  1. Tamie’s

Social Media Campaign:

2018 Final Projects:


Erin’s Final Commercial Brenda’s Commercial
Clare’s Electronic Career Portfolio Keenan’s Career Portfolio Clare’s Virtual Tour of Our School

Photoshop Chapter 1 Hands On Test

Photoshop Chapter 2 Hands On Test

Photoshop Chapter 3

Photoshop Chapter 4–Bleacher Blowout Program


Photoshop Chapter 5 Hands On Test

City Of Bellevue Promotion

Chris Muncy

Heritage Days Buttons

Iowa Core Posters

City of Bellevue Maps

Bellevue Promotional Movies


Final Exam

BHS Promotional Posters

Lucas Skoff

BHS Construction Movies

Google Sites Portfolio

BHS Virtual Tours

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